Geham Trophy Open Show & Fun Day 2018


Upea ja hauska päivä takana Geham Trophyssä!
Tuomarina tänä vuonna
Lorraine Sheppard, Kennel Polanca

*BT-mania Rutherfordium*
*Paras Uros, KP & VSP*

Hurjasti onnea Janina, Sergei ja Tyson!


BT-mania Rutherfordium

4 years old well marked rich brindle & white dog. Head long with gentle profile & good finish. Tiny eye. Excellent ears gives a typical expression. Would prefer a little more fill. Mouth is just of. Muscular neck into beautiful straight front. Lovely bone. Good shoulder. Well developed brisket. Short coupled. Topline is a little over roached. Good rear angulation. Stands on neat feet. Moved with drive and parallel both ways. Handled very well. In good condition.

BT-mania Amethyst

2 years. Very well marked brindle and white girl. Super balance. Shapely body lines. Classical head with gentle profile & finish. Good, deep underjaw. Good mouth. Enough fill. Excellent earset. Acceptable eye. Nice lenght of neck into super deep forechest. Good spring of rib. Good bone. Super straight front. Very neat feet. Short coupled. Enough rear angulation. Tailset on well, but carried high on the move. Moved very well on both ways. Shown and handled to perfection.

BT-mania Malachite

2 years old, extremely substantial red and white male. Long head with slightly broken prolife, good finish. Good width and muzzle depth, but falls away a little under the eyes. Good eye & well used ears giving a good expression. A little loaded in shoulder & neck area. Huge gunbarrel chest. Very deep in brisket. Good bone. Straight front with neat feet. Would prefer a slightly longer foreleg. Short coupled with powerful rear. Rear movement excellent. Moved with drive. Shown & handled very well.

BT-mania Livermorium

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Yoeckydoe's Karelia

6,5 years old with bitch. Terrier type. Long head. Fairly straight profile. Mouth just off. Ears on top used well. Eye a little round. Good depth of underjaw. I’d prefer a little more power and fill. Nice lenght of neck. Well developed forechest. Deep brisket. Enough bone for size and type. Very neat feet. Shoulder a little stop leading to a dip behind the shoulder blades. Short enough coupled. A dequate rear angulation. Moved better coming than going. Shown herself very well. In good condition. Brood bitch underline to be expected.

Kennel BT-mania

Quite good make and shape. Nice bone and power. Short coupled. Generally good shoulders & forechests. More profile in general is needed. Power and fill in the heads is more needed as well.

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02.02.2020Paljon onnea TransUraanit!
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